Thursday 9th was Late Night Art. We took a little off route starting point at On The Square Auctions - a relatively new auction house in Belfast. They have all manor of beautiful things including vintage typewriters, wooden coffee tables, old school chairs, cast iron benches, brass book presses, industrial lighting and lots more. What's interesting is that up until the date of the auction everything is available for a 'Buy it now' price. I think they hold the auction on the first Thursday of the month - I'll definitely be back to check it out next month.

This month we kicked off Late Night Art at the Golden Thread gallery who had the Itsy Bitsy Fest opening in the main space. A group  of kids had set up camp with tents, hanging clouds, terrifying sheep and live music. The kids were painting, drawing and eating lots of tasty snacks. Meanwhile there was plenty of wine and beer to keep adults amused. It was great to see an opening event aimed specifically at children – they were having great fun.

Next up was Belfast Print Workshop who were opening an exhibition entitled 'Self' by Stuart Cannell, Mark Fenning and Madeline Graham. The group are recent printmaking graduates from University of Ulster who were exploring their perceptions of each other through the medium of print. Their group statement explains “As individuals we explore ourselves through our own work. For this exhibition we are exposing ourselves to the artistic gaze of another artist."

Madeline Graham's Autopsy series was particularly lovely - with lots of subtle elements only apparent on closer inspection.

Next up was a quick stop at ps2 where there were cans of Carlsberg on offer along with a site-specific installation by Rachael Campbell-Palmer who has used hand cast concrete to create a terrain within the gallery over which viewers are invited to walk and touch and interact with.

Wandering on we called into Craft & Design Collective's exhibition in Space CRAFT in The Fountain Centre for a look at their weapons, props and armour works on show as part of August Craft Month. They had an abundance of popcorn on offer which is always a winner and some really lovely local craft pieces in the shop itself.

Last up was Catalyst Arts where on entering their 'EX' exhibition we were greeted with a large scale type installation, lots and lots of security guards which at first we were confused about but after a while came to the conclusion they are part of the installation. The exhibition looks at how we deal with feelings of political dissent, apathy and the relationship between the two. I'm not sure why there was a typo on the massive 'Definitely' on the way in - is this deliberate? There's no mention of it in the write up. I intend to go along to the panel discussion on 21st August for a nosy and find out a little bit more about this show.